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18.02.2021 News

Selection aid - folding method labels

For some it's very obvious, for others this article might be very helpful: which folding method should I choose for my clothing labels?
Either woven or printed, both end-fold or center fold are possible. For woven labels you can also choose only-cut labels.


End-fold labels

An end-fold label means that both sides are folded to the back. So on both sides you have an "extra" 7 mm of label, meant to sew in the label. This is the most popular label and is often stitched into the back section, possibly together with a size label attached to it. Available both as a printed label or woven label




Center fold labels

A centre fold simply means that the label is folded exactly in the middle. This gives you the opportunity to use the label on both sides, for example with the logo of your brand on the front and an extra text or washing information on the back.
Folded labels can also be used as neck labels, but are most often used as brand labels in the side seam of a pillow for example, or in the side seam of a garment as a carelabel.

Carelabels are often seen as printed labels, a brand label is more often seen as a woven label.



Only cut labels

Only cut labels are often chosen when a label is to be stitched on the outside of a product. Then you can stitch all around the product and you don't have to worry about folds. Only cut is possible with our woven labels


"Tab" labels

A "tab" label is often used as a brand label for hoodies or as a T-shirt label. With a "tab" label we mean that you wrap the label around the edge of a garment. The best option? We advise to choose and end-fold label. This way you can nicely stitch the label around the garment. Available both as a printed label as well as woven label.


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