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24.11.2021 News

Paptic, sustainable alternative for plastic polybags and mailers

Looking for an alternative for plastic packaging? We've got you covered! More and more orders are placed online, this means more shipments and packaging material. Not great for the environment. EE developed a sustainable mailer in collaboration with Paptic.

Our goal and focus: mono-material packaging, that can easily be recycled. Compared to a cardboard box, a mailer saves space (volume) and weight. 

Why Paptic?

  • Higher customer value: customers rate the product 15% higher on an average compared to when it's packed in kraft paper.

  • The Paptic mailers have a double closure, ideal for returns

  • Pack comfortably and safe: the material is soft, so no need to worry about paper cuts

  • Good for the environment: avoid transporting air

  • Easily recycling: re-use the mailer or recycle with paper or cardboard


Unique characteristics of the material

The material is not paper neither plastic. It’s made from wood fibers, but treated in a different way than paper.
This treatment gives the material other characteristics such as:

  • Moisture-resistant
  • Very light but still strong
  • Soft feeling, more flexible than paper
  • Good tear strength, unique for the paper category

Safe and certified

The material is approved for food packaging. Also it’s still categorized as paper and can be recycled in the paper / cardboard bin.
However, the material has a great re-usability so you might think of other destination.The mailers are is available with FSC certification.

Soon available in small quantities: the EE x Paptic mailer.
Already available as of 5000 pieces with your own design (mail to:

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