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21.04.2022 News

Expert advice: input wanted for our new section

Tips for uploading your design have been online for a long time. You can also find useful blogs on EE Label Factory explaining the different products.

It's nice to know exactly what the difference is between a printed and a woven label. And whether you should choose digital printing or relief printing. We also explain the advantages and disadvantages of printed organic labels and woven organic labels.

Are you missing any technical information? Let us know and we will write an article about it.

New: Tips for starting your own brand

Many brands order labels at EE Label Factory. Some have a lot of experience, but for others starting a brand is completely new. Extra tips for a flashy start of your brand are nice to have.

Starting your own brand?

To prevent unnecessary mistakes, EE Label Factory is starting a new section. In cooperation with experts, including business coach Maurice Groenteman, we answer questions of brand owners. What you would rather have known when you started your business. Think of determining the final price, unnecessary mistakes in designing your logo or input for your marketing strategy.

What would you rather have known when you started your business? Let us know by sending your input to:



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