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21.09.2018 News

EE Nudes | colours & inspiration

The EE nudes 

Up until recently, the fashion and beauty industries automatically labelled neutral skin color as a light skin tone. It completely left out and ignored all people of color. When we think about 'nude', it doesn't bring to mind any specific skin tone. This is why we love the NUDES collection by American Apparel, nine different shades of neutral tones spanning the full spectrum of skin colours. It reflects that each skin tone is unique: there is no singular version of the human experience, and no singular definition of 'neutral'.

We joined American Apparel in creating a 'EE Nudes' woven colour collection. These are just some of our woven colours, we offer many more in our full collection. Just as there are many people, and many creative ideas and colours to choose from. Ready to be creative? Start designing your own woven clothinglabel now.

Let's celebrate diversity together!

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