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22.03.2023 News

Fashion brand 2050

Fashion brand 2050


2050, also known as "twenty fifty," is the clothing brand of brothers Siem and Luuk de Jong and co-founder Naz Kawan. A clothing brand that is completely focused on sustainability, hence the brand name 2050. This is the year in which the earth must be climate neutral according to the goals of the EU.

Siem and Luuk therefore state; "why wait if it can be done now?". The founders of 2050 started their first collection by upcycling unused clothing from old collections that would otherwise end up in landfills.

A team of highly skilled tailors with refugee backgrounds make all the clothing of 2050,  in their own factory in Amsterdam. Orders are made "on demand," to avoid excess stock.

As a sustainable label supplier, EE Label Factory welcomes and supports sustainable initiatives in  the fashion industry. EE is proud to be part of this clothing brand with our sustainable labels, and the perfect match as a sustainable supplier for brands like 2050. 


What's so sustainable about EE Label Factory?

EE has always focused on sustainability and corporate social responsibility. EE Labels was the 1st European label manufacturer with the sustainable textile production certificate.

The woven labels for 2050 are made from 100% recycled polyester yarn, also called Newlife™ yarns. Yarns that are made from PET bottles, giving plastic a second life.
At EE Label Factory you can also order labels made from 100% organic cotton. These labels are GOTS certified. The GOTS certificate guarantees that the production is done in an environmentally and socially responsible way and to make sure it meets established quality standards. All labels are printed with eco-friendly inks that are OEKOTEX-100 certified and our weaving machines run on 100% green electricity.


EE likes to inspire customers and brands with an offer in sustainable labels and branding. All with minimal impact on the environment, so that the generations after us can continue to enjoy our nature.  

Read more about our sustainable actions here.


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