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1947 - EE celebrates freedom

1947 - EE celebrates freedom 

Since 1939, EE develops woven christmascards. First we made woven calenders and later these cards turned into "small pieces of art", with a beautiful drawing, a woven picture or an inspiring quote. From 1941 - 1946 it was quiet... being a Dutch factory, during World War 2; you can imagine why. 
At the end of 1946 the company made another woven card ! The Netherlands was liberated. And so was the factory.
We celebrate freedom every year, on the 5th of May with the entire country, but also a few months before, since Eindhoven was liberated on september 18th. Of course the factory needed some time to get going. 

Around that time we already exported products worldwide. An important market at that time was the decorative tapes for sari's, these were shipped to India. 

That's why next to the Dutch version, we made an international card as well. The message on this christmascard says "Holland is recovering again and


A beatiful and very special edition of our collection of christmas cards; these cards show a nice overview of the era; developments in society but also in weaving.

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