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Everything about organic cotton GOTS-labels

Bestseller in the shop: organic cotton labels with GOTS-certificate. Obviously, since it's a sustainable choice for brands that focus on natural materials. Read everything about the advantages and differences between organic woven labels and printed organic cotton labels.

GOTS-textile labels


The GOTS-label is a familiair and trusted certificate, that guarantees the organic state of textile. There are strict requirements to acquire a GOTS certificate. Everything is monitored: from the harvest of the raw materials, the processing of yarns and manufacturing of final products like fabrics, labels, clothing or interiorproducts. The certificate has been known and accepted worldwide.

Shortly: if you are sourcing organic cotton, look for a GOTS-certificate and you'll be sure that this item has been produced in a sustainable and honest way. 

Woven or printed organic cotton labels?

Do you have a logo with tiny text, thin lines or many details? Then we advise to choose printed labels. A logo with bold letters looks nice as a woven label. Not sure of your choice? Order a sample in advance. 

Looking for a coloured background and not ecru or white? Choose woven labels, the background colour will be full and the labels feel soft. Organic cotton is a natural material and printing the background with full coverage is not possible. For printed labels we advise to only print the logo and leave the background unprinted, in the off-white material.

Colours of organic cotton labels

Ordering clothing labels made of organic cotton? Then you have to choose between printed labels or woven labels. The difference is that with printed labels you can print in any PMS color, but limited colors of yarn are available for woven labels.


- suitable for bold fonts and big logos 
- full surface background colour possible 
- limited colours on stock
Order organic cotton woven >


- suitable for tiny, detailed letters and logos 
- leave background unprinted
- logo print possible in all PMS colours
Order organic cotton printed labels >


 - all standard sizes on stock
- organic cotton background with black print 
- bag with 250 pieces for €15
Order organic cotton size labels >



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