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Studio Ruig | pure quality

The concept of studioRUIG? Designers Klaartje Glashorster, Inge Hendriks and Sophie Soons use as few words as possible to describe it. They prefer to let their sharp intuition and creativity speak. That’s how this ambitious start-up grew into a successful Dutch fashion label.

studioRUIG captures the zeitgeist in unpretentious but carefully designed collections with androgynous sensuality, pure materials and a powerful colour palette. Leather is a favourite and makes for the most 'rough' component, finished as simply as possible, bringing the natural aspect to life. It is a metaphor for the success of studioRUIG: unaffected fashion without hesitation.

studioRUIG didn’t work with EE Labels right from the start. "For our very first collection in 2009 we were been looking for a cheap supplier for woven labels. We went to a Chinese producer. However, that immediately ended in a fiasco,” says Sophie.

Wrong font, different colour and itchy labels made the ladies decide to look closer to home. “Because the customers cut the itchy labels out, the result is that your name is no longer attached to your designs. Terrible of course.”

Since Sophie is originally from Heeze, she was already familiar with EE Labels, and when it turned out that this company also gave small design brands the same attention, contacts were quickly made. After first ordering the woven labels at EE Labels, the size labels and washing labels followed. “Now we also order our cardboard hangtags from EE Labels. They are always willing to work with us to find a good, affordable solution.”

studioRUIG has been following the developments in label technology. “We know that EE Labels focuses on developments in the field of electronic labels, making distribution and inventory management easier to follow.”

At the moment this is not yet the case, but in the future it is certainly an interesting option: "So we like to follow developments, because we know how difficult it is to manage our stock, especially because we work with a distributor, online store, and a brick-and-mortar store.”

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