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17.02.2020 News

Sustainable clothing labels: recycled polyester vs organic cotton


What is the most sustainable?

You want to order new sustainable labels for your clothing brand and you want to investigate. You’ll quickly start asking yourself, what is the most sustainable solution, with the best quality?

About labels of recycled polyester PET bottles (NewLife Yarns)

Quality of the yarn "A premium yarn with a sustainable identity". Our woven labels are from a super fine quality. In order to display all the details, it is necessary that the yarns is too. Yarns made from recycled PET bottles are just as fine as the virgin variant.

  • Feel soft
  • Very sturdy
  • Wash resistant

Production of the yarn, 100% made in Italy

  • Without harmful chemicals for the environment, less CO2 emissions: -32%
  • Less energy consumption thanks to production steps: - 64%

=production of 1 ton of new life yarn, saves a truck that transports 1 ton of goods for 3387 km

  • Dyeing while spinning reduces water consumption by - 94%

= production of 1 ton new life yarn saves 378 times bathing

Available colours

Of course we will use our current stock until it’s out! It wouldn’t be sustainable to just throw it away. However, any colour that has run out is replaced by a variant in NewLife. Keep an eye on our site for regular updates regarding the yarn colours that we have in stock in NewLife.

 Recycled PET labels >

About organic cotton labels

Do you produce clothing or other products from natural materials? Then choose your labels from natural materials as well, such as organic cotton. It is GOTS certified, which means you are guaranteed of the organic origin of the textile, from the harvest of raw materials, to a socially responsible production. The ink used for printing the logos is certified by Oekotex, one of the world's best known textile labels. It stands for consumer confidence and high product safety.

And labels with soy ink, is that already an option? Not at this moment in time. Labels must be able to withstand several washes and therefore soy ink is not an option.

 Organic cotton labels >


If you have a product with natural materials, then the labels with organic cotton will fit best. Labels made from recycled polyester are best suited for products that are made from polyester as well. We call this mono-material production and simplifies recycling.


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