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02.03.2020 News

The possibilities with QR-labels

More and more brands order labels with QR-code. A good development in fashion, because by using QR-codes on labels brands can be transparent about the origin of their materials and production. Of course that's just one out of many possibilities. A QR-code connects phones to your website, social media channel or any other URL you put behind the code. 

At EE Labels you can order woven labels with QR code and printed labels with QR code. Please make sure that the width and heighth of your QR-code is at least 17 mm. To check this we advise you to print your design on actual size before uploading it to our webshop.

What are the possibilities of labels with QR-codes?

Labels with QR codes connect the physical and the digital world. By adding a label with QR-code to your products, customers can scan your product. After scanning your product a customer will see the page you connected to the QR-code. This way a customer gets to know more about your brand, you can motivate customers to registrate for your newsletter or to follow your brand on Instagram.

Some possibilities that labels with QR-codes offer:

- Transparency of your production, origin of materials, information about your suppliers

- Connecting customers by telling more about your brand

- Collect registrations for your newsletter

- Action codes for new orders

- Recycling or washing instructions for customers

- More followers for social media channels: Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn

Order labels with QR-codes for your brand?


Are you convinced and would you like to use QR codes for your brand as well? Don't worry, it's not difficult and we'll get you started. First of all think about the url you want to direct the labels to. The homepage of your website? A special page per product? Or maybe you have, or create a website page where you tell about your suppliers and the origin of your product, an example of that can be found here 

1. Choose the URL to which your labels with QR code have to link

2. Create a QR-code for free, for example here:

3. Design your label, maybe you'd like to upload your logo next to the QR-code, extra text, care instructions, etc.

4. Choose your product, woven labels, hangtags or printed labels? Please make sure that the minimum size of the QR code in your design is 17 mm.  

5. Now you're ready to upload your design!

Order woven labels with QR code
Order printed labels with QR code

Please note! QR-codes can only be woven with recycled polyester, not organic cotton. A QR code can be printed on organic cotton if you are looking for an organic label with QR-code. 


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